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The information shown here does not reflect the extent to which any club involves itself in motorsport. Any listed club will be able to assist with information on getting involved in all apsects of motorsport, particularly with becoming a marshal.

club name location information
Aberdeen & District Motor Club Aberdeen granite city rally, autotest, sprint, navigation rally, stage rally
Grampian Automobile Club Aberdeen sprint, hillclimb
Stonehaven & District Motor Club Stonehaven autotest, autocross, navigation
Caledonian Classic & Historic Motor Sports Club Dundee historic rally, classic cars, navigation rally
Tay 4x4 Off Road Club 4x4 motorsport, trials
Mull Car Club Isle of Mull mull forest stages rally, tour of mull stages rally, sprint
East Ayrshire Car Club
Kilmarnock & Loudoun Car Club Kilmarnock
Machars Car Club merrick forest stages rally autotest, off road
Moffat & District Motor Club Moffat
Solway Car Club Solway galloway hills rally (stage), autotest, 12-car
Edinburgh University Motor Club Edinburgh navigation rally, autotest
Condor Motorsports Club Fife condor stages
Dunfermline Car Club Dunfermline dcc crail stages rally, tarmac stages rally
East Fife Motor Club Kirkcaldy
Glenrothes Motor Sport Club Glenrothes kingdom stages rally
Knockhill Motor Sport Club Dunfermline Runs Knockhill race circuit
Saltire Rally Club classic and historic sports and saloon car racing
Glasgow University Motor Club Glasgow navigation rally, autotest, scatter, karts
Caithness Car Club Caithness navigation rally, hillclimb, sprint, autocross
Highland Car Club snowman rally (stage), road rally, autotest
Scottish Hill Rally Club Inverness hill rally organiser
Coltness Car Club Coltness mcrae stages rally
Lanarkshire Car Club navigation rally, autotest, pct
Monklands Sporting Car Club hillclimb, pct
63 Car Club (Elgin) Elgin speyside stages rally, autotest, road rally
55 Car Club
Border Ecosse Car Club Duns charterhall stage rally, navigation rally, autotest, autocross
Hawick & Border Car Club Hawick border counties rally, historic rally, hillclimb, sprint, 12-car, scatter
South of Scotland Car Club
Lothian Car Club Runs Doune hill climb course
Isle of Skye Rally Club Skye sprinting
Central Scotland Motor Club
RSAC Motorsport oragnise scottish motorsport and championships, rsac scottish rally (stage), ecosse 205 challenge, classic run
Scottish Land Rover Owners Club land rover owners club, off road motorsport
Scottish Motor Racing Club organises circuit racing championships, mini cooper, xr2, saloon & sports, legends
Scottish Sporting Car Club merrick stages rally, road rally, sprint, autotest
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