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The information shown here does not reflect the extent to which any club involves itself in motorsport. Any listed club will be able to assist with information on getting involved in all apsects of motorsport, particularly with becoming a marshal.

club name location information
Bedford Car Club Bedford navigation rally, autotest
Falcon Motor Club autotest, production car trial
Craven Motor Car Club scafftex bridoon rally stages
Dolphin Motor Club Newbury stage rally, road rally, autotest
Hants & Berks Motor Club classic cars, 12 car
Windsor Car Club Windsor stage rally, road rally, autotest, scatter
High Wycombe & District Motor Club High Wycombe sprint, hillclimb
Thame Motorsport Club rockingham stages rally
Cambridge Car Club Cambridge speedy stage rally, autotest, production car trials
Peterborough Motor Club Peterborough stage rally, navigation rally, trials, circuit racing, autocross
Jersey Motor Cycle & Light Car Club Jersey jersey stage rally, hillclimb, motocross, trials, sprint, sadnracing
118 Car Club Wettenhall, Cheshire
Chester Motor Club Chester sprint, road rally, stage rally, autotest, production car trials
Knutsford & District Motor Club Knutsford plains rally, tour of cheshire rally, autotest, stage rally, scatter
Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club stage rally, sprint, circuit racing, hillclimb, autotest, trials, pct, karting, off-road
Mid-Cheshire Motor Racing Club runs scammondem hill climb, sprint
Stockport 061 Motor Club Stockport stage rally, road rally, autotest
Warrington & District Motor Club Warrington enville stages
Camel Vale Motor Club tour of cornwall stage rally
Cornwall & Devon Land Rover Owners Club land rover owners club
Launceston North Cornwall Motor Club classic trials
Newquay Auto Club Newquay tour of cornwall stage rally, sprint, hillclimb
Truro & District Motor Club Truro tour of cornwall stages rally, bocconoc stages rally, hillclimb
Darlington & District Motor Club Darlington northern sports and saloon car championship, jack frost stage rally, rallycross, sprint
Durham Auto Club Durham autotest, stage rally
Hartlepool Motor Club Hartlepool autotest, 12 car, navigation rally
Stockton & District Motor Club Stockton 12-car, autotest, hillclimb
Warden Law Kart Club kart club circuit
Cumbria Rover Owners Club land rover owners club
Eden Valley Motor Club Penrith road rally
Fellside Auto Club Carlisle classic trials
Furness & District Motor Club Furness grizedale stages rally
Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club Kirkby Lonsdale pendragon satge rally, lynn stage rally, road rally,
North Lakes 4x4 Club trials, off road
Spadeadam Motor Club Carlisle stage rally, autocross, navigation, 12-car, autotest
Vickers Barrow Motor Club Barrow-in-Furness autotest, 12-car, navigation rally, pct
West Cumbria Motorsports Club malcom wilson rally, autotest, navigation, 12-car
Wigton Motor Club Wigton sprinting, hillclimb
Clowne & District Motor Club Derbyshire rallying, marshalling
Glossop & District Motor Club Glossop
Matlock Motor Club Matlock derbyshire road rally, navigation rally
Mid-Derbyshire Motor Club twyford wood rally stages, drystone road rally, 12 car
Peak & Dukeries Land Rover Club land rover owners club
Spondon & District Off Road Club off road motorsport
Crash Box & Classic Car Club classic trials
Exeter Motor Club Exeter road rally, stage rally, 12 car
Exmouth Motor Club Exmouth navigation rally, scatter
Five Clubs Wiscombe runs wiscombe park hillclimb, Devon
North Devon Motor Club navigation rally, trials, sprints, autocross
Plymouth Motor Club Plymouth navigation rally, hillclimb, autocross
South Hams Motor Club South Hams tsh rally stages, harvest navigation rally, endurance, gravel sprint, autocross
Torbay Motor Club Torbay burnworthy stages rally, trickey stages rally, sprint, hillclimb
Bournemouth & District Car Club Bournemouth 3 counties stage rally, bournemouth stage rally, navigation rally, autotest, production car trial, road rally, scatter
Woolbridge Motor Club autotest, hillclimb, trials, classic, pct, scatter
Brighton & Hove Motor Club Brighton sprint, speed trials, veteran car run
Eastbourne and Ram Motor Club Eastbourne 12 car, autotest, production car trials
Beverley & District Motor Club Beverley armstrong massey rally, road rally, navigation rally
Buccaneer Motor Sports Club Hull rally marshals
Grimsby Motor Club Grimsby
North Humberside Motor Club north humberside stage rally, john overend stages rally
Chelmsford Motor Club Chelmsford autcross, navigation rally, endurance rally, autotest, production car trial, stage rally, 12 car, scatter
Eastern Counties Motor Club Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex
Stort Valley Auto Club Bishops Stortford rally, autocross, sprint
West Essex Car Club speedy hire stage rally, millbrook stages rally, cloverleaf road rally, sprint
Wickford Auto Club Wickford essex charity stage rally, autocross, autotest, 12-car
Cheltenham Motor Club Cheltenham get it sideways' stage rally, navigation rally, 12 car
Cirencester Car Club Cirencester autotest, sprint, navigation rally
Dowty Motor Club
EMCOS Stonehouse stage rally
Forest of Dean Motor Club Forest of Dean wyedean stage rally, autocross
Stroud & District Motor Club Stroud trials, pct
Croydon & District Motor Club Croydon stage rally, navigation rally, autotest, production car trials
Harrow Car Club Harrow
London Car Club London circuit racing, trials, hillclimb, classic car, karting
London Irish Motor Club London emerald stages rally, sprints
Sutton & Cheam Motor Club car-nival stages rally, mini-tempest stage rally, circuit racing, sprint, rallycross,
Bury Auto Club Bury torque-baq stages rally, 12-car, trials, rallyxross, hillclimb, sprint
Basingstoke Motor Club Basingstoke navigation rally, road rally, autotest
Farnborough & District Motor Club Farnborough navigation rally, road rally, autotest
Hants & Berks Motor Club classic cars, 12 car
Hart Motor Club 12 car, sprint
Isle of Wight Car Club Isle of Wight
Southsea Motor Club Portsmouth south downs stage rally, sprint, autocross, pct
Wessex Motor Club Southampton university of southampton motor club, karting
Herefordshire Motor Club autotest, 12 car, navigation rally
Ross & District Motor Sport Limited Ross-on-Wye pct, trial, autotest, classic trial, navigation
Green Belt Motor Club road rally, stage rally, autotest, sprint
Herts County Auto & Aero Club sprint
Bexley Light Car Club Bexley rally of kent, longcross stages rally
Blackpalfrey Motor Club Kent regularity run, autotest, navigation rally, 12-car
Borough 18 Motor Club sprint, hillclimb, rallycross
Borough 19 Motor Club sprint, hillclimb, rallycross, production car trials, rallycross
Buckmore Park Kart Club karting
Maidstone & Mid Kent Motor Club Maidstone stage rally, autotest, sprint, scatter
Rochester Motor Club Rochester sprint
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club Sevenoaks rally of kent stage rally, sprint, autotest, pct, hillclimb
SWL Motor Club Tonbridge
Tunbridge Wells Motor Club Tunbridge Wells sprint
North West Kent Motor Club stage rally
Accrington Motor Sports Club Lancashire
Bolton-le-Moors Car Club Bolton park hall stages rally, neil howard stages rally, road rally, autotest
Clitheroe & District Motor Club Clitheroe stage rallies
Garstang & Preston Motor Club Preston stage rally, road rally
High Moor Motor Club Oldham stage rally
Knowldale Car Club pennine stages rally, road rally, navigation, hillclimb, autotest
Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club stage rally, sprint, circuit racing, hillclimb, autotest, trials, pct, karting, off-road
Lancashire & Cheshire Rover Owners Club land rover owners club
Lancashire Automobile Club classic cars, navigation
Lancaster Motor Club Lancashire stage rally, road rally, autotest
Longton & District Motor Club Longton hillclimb, sprint
Morecambe Car Club Morecambe malcolm wilson stage rally, road rally, 12-car navigation, autotest
Motorsport North West organises the north west stages rally
Pendle & District Motor Club Pendle ribble valley road rally, lee holland stage rally, hillclimb,
Wigan & District Motor Club Wigan three sisters satge rally, hillclimb, sprint, rallycross
Coalville Car Club Coalville 12 car, marshal
Loughborough Car Club Loughborough circuit racing, trials, autotest
Border Motor Club Gainsborough stage rally, 12-car, trials, rallyxross, hillclimb, sprint
East Elloe Motor Club classic cars, 12 car
Grantham Poachers Motor Club Grantham autotest, 12 car
Lincoln Motor Cycle & Car Club Lincoln bloodhound stage rally, road rally, 12 car, bike trials
Lincolnshire Kart Racing Club Fulbeck kart racing circuit
Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club
Mablethorpe & District Motor Club Mablethorpe wolds stage rally, billcammack stage rally, classic rally, 12 car
Aintree Circuit Club Merseyside
Liverpool Motor Club Liverpool sprint, autotest, autocross, navigation rally, pct
Vauxhall Motoring Group Wirral vauxhall sports and social club, organise astra stages rally
Wallasey Motor Club Wallasey promenade stages rally, sprinting
Middlesex County Automobile Club tempest stage rally, rockingham stage rally
12 cars, scatters, autotests, autosolo's and fun-events
Mid-Thames Motor Club Twickenham
Kings Lynn & District Motor Club Kings Lynn lynn stages rally, vintage and classic car rally
Sporting Car Club of Norfolk spring rally stages, classic car, 12-car
Eastern Counties Motor Club Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex
Alnwick & District Motor Club Alnwick stage rallies, autocross
Berwick & District Motor Club Berwick jim clark rally, autocross, navigation rally
Cramlington & District Motor Club Cramlington autocross, autograss, rallycross, 4x4
Hadrian Motor Sports Club Northumberland chris pringle memorial navigation cheviot & keith knox stages with whickham&dmc. 12 cars
Hexham & District Motor Club Hexham
Northumbrian Marshals Club
Tynemouth & District Motor Sports Club Tynemouth turnbull trophy road rally, autocross, trials
Whickham & District Motor Club border counties stage rally, cheviot national rally, road rally, autotest
Ecurie Royal Oak Motor Club oak leaf stages, oaks trophy rally,
Kettering & District Car Club Kettering
Ilkley and District Motor Club Ilkley jubilee historic road rally, classic trial, revival rally
Malton Motor Club Malton malton forest stage rally, ryemoor road rally, autotest, scatter
Northallerton Auto Club Northallerton christmas stages rally, navigation, scatter
Ripon Motor Sport Club Ripon riponian stages rally, st wilfreds road rally, hamsterley stages rally, autotest
Rotherham & District Motor Club Rotherham navigation, road rally
Selby & District Motor Club Selby road rally
Trackrod Motor Club international rally yorkshire, lookout stages rally, hillclimb
Whitby & District Motor Club Whitby autotest, 12-car
York Motor Club York navigation rally, autotest
Carlton & District Motor Club Nottingham stage rally
Dukeries Motor Club Mansfield dukeries rally, premier rally
Eastwood & District Motor Club Nottingham phoenix stages, macca stages, road rally, stage rally, 12 car
Nottingham Sports Car Club Nottingham sprinting, hillclimb
Worksop & District Motor Club Worksop autotest, karting, scatter
Oxford Motor Club Oxford carfax stages rally, autotest, road rally, sprint, pct, scatter
Oxford University Motor Drivers Club OXford karting
Witney Motor Club Witney autotest, autocross, 12-car navigation
Barcud Motor Club Shrewsbury navigation rally
Hagley & District Light Car Club Shrewsbury sporting trial, autotest,
Ludlow Castle Motor Club Ludlow ditton priors stage rally, road rally, sprint, autotest, scatter
Severn Valley Motor Club Severn Valley
Telford Auto Club Telford telford winter stages rally, moonbeam road rally, 12-car
Whitchurch Motor Club Whitchurch stage rally, road rally
Bath Motor Club Bath azimghur stage rally
Bristol Motor Club Bristol sprint, hillclimb, trials, autotest, navigation rally
Bristol Pegasus Motor Club Bristol sprint, hillclimb, rallycross, production car trials, navigation rally
Burnham-on-Sea Motor Club Burnham-on-Sea somerset stages rally, 12 car
Minehead Motor Club Minehead somerset stages rally, trials, classic tour, pct
Taunton Motor Club Taunton navigation rally, autotest, autosolo, navigation rally, 12-car, hillclimb, scatter
Tavern Motor Club Bristol fat albert stage rally, road rally
Weston-Super-Mare Motor Club Weston-Super-Mare brean stages rally, hillclimb, sprint, autotest, circuit racing, autocross
White Horse Motor Club Bristol
Wildlife Autosport stage rally, hillclimb
Windwhistle Motor Club classic trials
Yeovil Car Club Yeovil
Lindholme Motorsports Club Doncaster robin hood historic stages rally, danum road rally, autotest
Sheffield & Hallamshire MC Sheffield 2wd stages rally, jackson trophy road rally, trials, navigation, hillclimb, bike trials
Slaithwaite Motor Club opposite lock stages rally,
Potteries & Newcastle Motor Club scorpion road rally, autotest
Shenstone & District Motor Club Shenstone run curborough sprint course
Stafford & District Motor Club
Wolverhamton & South Staffs Car Club Wolverhampton wilbarston stage rally, bulldog stage rally, pct, autotest, sprint, 12-car
Eastern Counties Motor Club Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex
West Suffolk Motor Club autosolos, autotests, trials, targas, marshalling, classic car runs
Camberley Kart Club Camberley karting
Cranleigh Motor Club Cranleigh navigation rally, scatter
Guildford Motor Club Guidlford 12 car, marshal
Southern Car Club rallye sunseeker stage rally, wugging stages rally, autocross, autotest
Hastings 1066 & East Sussex Car Club Hastings
Coventry & Warwickshire Motor Club production car trial, 12 car, scatter
Mercia Motor Sports Club group of motor clubs, mercian road rally
Nuneaton Motor Club Nuneaton
Rugby Motor Club Rugby autotest, 12 car, navigation rally, scatter
Warwickshire Drivers Motor Club autotest
Birmingham University Motor Club Birmingham track day, treasure hunt, scatter, 12-car, rally marshals, karting
Cannock & District Car Club Cannock stage rally, sprint, autotest, 12 car
Midland Off Road Club 4x4 offroad motorsport
Owen Motor Club Aldridge agbo stages rally, sprint, autotest
Quinton Motor Club horiba d'isi stage rally, quinton stages rally, navigation, scatter
Redditch & District Motor Club Redditch regional association of motor clubs
Streetly Motor Club rally of the midlands
Bognor Regis Motor Club Bognor Regis historic road rally, sprint
Central Sussex Motor Club Haywards Heath 12 car
Crawley Motor Club Crawley
Goodwood Marshals Club Goodwood marshals at goodwood circuit
Airedale & Pennine Motor Club Bradford stage rally, road rally, hillclimb,sprinting, autotest
Alwoodley Motor Club Leeds autotest
De Lacy Motor Club kall kwik rally, rac rally, thorr hammer stages rally,
Huddersfield Motor Club Huddersfield stage rally marshalling, autotest, production car trial, sprint, hiilclimb
Northern Off Road Club off road motorsport
Wakefield & District Motor Club Wakefield stage rally, road rally, autotest, pct
Yorkshire Off Road Club off road motorsport, off road driving
Castle Combe Racing Club Chippenham racing circuit
Devizes & District Motor Club Devizes stage rally, road rally, autotest, trials
Salisbury & Shaftesbury Car Club great bustard endurance rally
60 & Worcester Motor Club Worcester woodpecker stages rally, road rally
Evesham Motor Club Evesham classic, concours, modified cars and bikes
Kidderminster Motor Car Club Kidderminster
Midland Auto Club shelsley walsh hillclimb
60 & Worcestershire Motor Club woodpecker stages rally, greenleaves road rally
Hants & Berks Rover Owners Club
Southern Counties Off Road Club off road motorsport
Southern Rover Owners Club rover and land rover owners club
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