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CMSG stage rally championship

month date name venue surface location organiser
The CMSG Stage Rally Championship is organised by the Cotswold Motor Sport Group
Mar 13 Su Donington Rally single tarmac Donington Park Dukeries MC
Mar 27 Su Tour of Caerwent single tarmac Caerwent Wales Forresters CC
Apr 2 Sa Get It Sideways Stages single tarmac Down Ampney Cheltenham MC
Apr 30 Sa Corinium Stages single tarmac Down Ampney Cirencester CC
May 28 Sa Red Dragon IT Stages Rally single tarmac Down Ampney Enthusiasts MC of Stonehouse
Jun 12 Su Smeatharpe Stages single tarmac Smeatharpe Wildlife Autosport
Sep 25 Su Patriot Stages single tarmac Caerwent Forresters CC
Nov 5 Sa Builth Showground Stages single tarmac Royal Welsh Showground Herefordshire MC
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